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basement waterproofing baltimore

Carbon-fiber wall reinforcement is the stabilizing of buckling or bowed basement walls using carbon fiber straps.  Carbon-fiber systems consist of carbon-fiber straps woven with Kevlar. These materials and technology offer superior strength to other materials on the market.  These straps are then bonded to the basement foundation wall surface for highly effective structural repair. 

Carbon fiber is an excellent alternative to steel beams for wall reinforcement and basement repair in both residential & commercial applications. The straps can be bonded to the surface of a basement wall to stop bowing and buckling.  When a block or concrete foundation or basement wall is failing due to pressure, these advantages make carbon fiber straps a great solution.

Carbon fiber strap advantages:

  • Non-Obtrusive
  • Conforms to already bowed walls
  • No Exterior Excavation Needed
  • Paintable
  • Labor-saving installation times
  • No destructive attachments made to the floor or ceiling
  • Cost-effective over many other methods of repair and strengthening
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