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3 or 5-year warranty depending on the service.

  • Complete Waterproofing fully warrants the basement areas waterproofed with the Complete Waterproofing system to be free from water leakage for the FIVE (5) FULL YEARS, pursuant to the job plan, regardless of ownership, and will at no additional cost to the customer provide such labor and materials as required. Should service be requested, please notify Complete Waterproofing.  Additional water provisions follow:
  • The customer acknowledges that this Warranty protects against leakage in those areas where the Complete Waterproofing system has been installed.  Examples of areas not covered include, but are not limited to, leaks above Rigid Sealer or leaks in any area of the floor slab where the Complete Waterproofing system is not installed.


  • Leakage from: backing up or plugging of sewers, sump pump failure during electrical outages, floods (i.e. surface water flowing through doors, window wells, walls and over foundation walls) or malfunctioning sump pumps; which are covered by a separate manufacturers warranty.  
  • Dump spots, discoloration of walls
  • Any consequential damage to property resulting from water leakage from any and all sources
  • High humidity or condensation in basement or crawlspace
  • Alterations made to the system not performed by Complete Waterproofing
  • Clogs due to iron, algae, and or root growth
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